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    Hi, So the latest discovery with my Superb Sportline was I came down to the garage this morning and all 4 windows were open equally 30% and the sunroof tilt was open?

    I presume its one of those cool the car features you get by holding the keyfob button down for 10 seconds or something? My brothers Lexus does the same although I'm yet to confirm this. Must have somehow pushed the button in my pocket. Anyone know if this is the case or some other crazy Skoda option?

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    Presumption was right. Power window convenience feature. Hold down the unlock button and it simultaneously drops the windows and pops the sunroof. Does the reverse with the close button. Very cool😎

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    yeah, it's a nice one.

    It's great on a summers day, you can leave them slightly open to let the heat out. Also when you are walking up to it, you can press it so that by the time you get there, you can have them all open and letting in the fresh air!

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