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Thread: Hello From KITT and DB

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    Red face Hello From KITT and DB

    Hi All,
    A warm hello from KITT , my Skoda Octavia RS230 and myself. I'm Dheeraj ( Dheee- Rej) and based out Asquith in Sydney. Friends call me Deejay(DJ)/ DB/Dheeraj/Babu etc etc

    If have seen a black RS Octy sedan in an around Asquith and Hornsby area, the chances are very high that's mine, considering the rare breed that Skoda's are in this country.
    It was love at first sight for me. i love the car. Wanted to buy a car that was not loud and didn't "look the part" but had a good heart and personality. The RS ticks all the boxes for me. I wanted to buy the 245 but skoda kept delaying it and family was getting impatient and i didn't want to pick up a Hyundai , so settled on the 230. Well, it looks like the 245 except for the rear chrome mufflers.

    Looking forward to sharing and learning here. Don't have much plans for the car except for a dashcam and an exhaust least for now

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    Welcome DJ,
    Good luck with not modifying the Octy

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