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Thread: Sport Vs Drive on the DSG

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    Hi, was playing with the sport setting on the DSG box this morning. Quite impressed. pull the shifter back from the drive position and the display changes from D1 to S1. At idle the revs increase by 300 giving a more agile start off the line, and the gear change is at 6500rpm which is a third the way into the redline. Haven' yet had chance to see if it affects the change down under cornering/engine breaking, but this is my first DSG box and I'm impressed with the change speed and its responsiveness.

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    yeah, they do a few things.... increase the 'intensity' of the throttle response, so if you press the throttle at 40% on drive, it will simulate the pressing of say 50-60% throttle press (so you are making the engine go 'faster' with less pressing of the throttle).
    Also normally remaps the redline and sometimes can change the torque map so that you have a bit more 'power' at various parts..
    Downshift may also include a blip of the throttle :-)

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