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Thread: Upgrading standard Mk3 Octavia with VRS front bar

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    Default Upgrading standard Mk3 Octavia with VRS front bar

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Ozskoda and this is my first time posting so please excuse me for any mistakes in my posts. Anyway I was wondering if anyone would know if I could install a mk3 VRS front bumper bar including the fog lights to my Octavia Elegance? I would much appreciate any feedback.

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    You're probably going to get the best answers from a panel beater... Do you have the VRS bar yet, or just investigating if it can be done?

    Here's something that I found online..
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    Thanks for replying jnrdavo, I was hoping someone here has already done this so they could share some light on the matter. I'm currently wrecking a VRS and repairing an Elegance that was damaged from the front. After having started stripping the front of the VRS everything seems similar to the Elegance except for the fog lights which need to be rewired. I'm going ahead with this project and will keep everyone posted.

    By the way guys I'm wrecking an 16' Octavia VRS Diesel Wagon and a 17' Superb 206 TSI 4x4 wagon, please let me know if anyone needs any parts.

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