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    Hi many of us may have used SoperSkoda for stuff.

    My other car is a Yeti and I loved the Cargo elements that came standard in my Oz Karoq. So I checked Ebay and Superskoda for a pair of these.
    So ordered what I assumed was a pair (yea, I know my bad) from SuperSkoda. Turns out they only sell them as a single unit. How useless is that.

    But be warned to check other sellers carefully before even considering SuperSkoda.

    They are, at least now, charging exorbitant prices on many items. Apart from their postage being way high.

    An example is the cargo elements (Boot Hold Fixings - Velcro) I got for the Yeti. SuperSkoda sell these only as a single unit despite most or all other sell them as a pair.

    Now a pair from Skoda UK, called Boot Hold Fixings - Velcro - 6V0061104 ( ... _6V0061104 ) are at 8.8 euro for a pair while SuperSkoda charge 40 euro to get a pair!
    Wow that's almost 4.5 time the retail price. You also get these in sets of 2 on Ebay way way cheaper and all these other sellers are making a reasonable profit.

    Note: All sellers are offering these made by Skoda and are original Skoda Auto,a.s. products.

    This is like your Karoq price new is $40,000 but SuperSkoda charge $178,000 !
    So be warned don't trust SuperSkoda as their prices are outrageous.


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