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Thread: Exhaust warning light

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    Default Exhaust warning light

    I have the exhaust warning light staying illuminated at the moment. It's the one that comes on when you start the car (I have the 2.0 litre diesel, not sure if this is the same for petrol engines) and it stays on. I thought it was the DPF but it's not. This happened when it was new and I think it was an O2 sensor, would that be correct? That was fixed under warranty.

    I'm taking it to my local mechanic in a country town who has serviced it for a couple of years now. He has some diagnostic tools but won't have the specialist ones. Any comments / ideas / suggestions?


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    Can you get the service record from when it was fixed under warranty to find out what exactly they did?

    A good diagnostic tool (vagcom/vcds) should help, but doesn't show up every problem the car can have.

    It may not be the same issue as last time, and if older, and only driven around town, then it could be a DPF issue...

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