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Thread: Skoda Karoq - Voice activation does not work

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    Exclamation Skoda Karoq - Voice activation does not work

    Any body out there having problems and concerns about the Skoda voice activation not working?

    When we bought our Karoq in 2019 we expressly asked for voice activation and was assured that the Karoq had this as a feature for phone, GPS, radio etc. But it has never worked properly. It does not understand the simplest command for the GPS and gives weird locations.

    The service staff checked the other Karoqs in the lot and they all had the same problem. Skoda now acknowledge that it is a problem but cannot say when it will be fixed. I understand other models have the same or similar software and may also be faulty

    Please respond if you have a problem with yours as I would be keen to understand how wide spread the problem is.



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    I have it on the Superb but have never used it. I will try and see how it goes. I presume they are all the same system. I will report back

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    Yep, not that impressive, if you speak like a robot 60% of the time it gets it right. Maybe my Czech accent ain't good enough

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