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Thread: Panoramic roof for Rapid?

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    Default Panoramic roof for Rapid?

    (I posted that in the Rapid forum, but it's probably more appropriate here)

    I live in the UK and I am thinking of buying a Skoda Rapid for my father in Greece.

    I am tempted to go for a panoramic roof as it makes the car nicer, but I am worried that it might make the car too hot. People in the UK have no issues, but does anyone here have a glass roof and is it an issue in the summer? Do the UV filter and blinds make a decent job on blocking the sun?

    Thanks for any help!

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    I have a Yeti with a panoramic sunroof and electrically operation blind. I live in Australia and I can confirm that when the car is parked in the sun with the blind closed it does keep the inside of the car a lot cooler and also blocks out the harmful rays.

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