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    I have just joined and are keen to learn from all you Skoda owners about the best mods and bang for buck improvements.

    I have a 2015 Octavia VRS Wagon 162kw model. I have recently had a Quantum Red flash tune which increased the BHP to 300 and Torque to 440nm
    I also got the Racingline R600 Cold Air Intake installed, which has improved airflow and added a nice induction note. I haven't noticed additional HP yet, but its probably more at the top end, and I haven't really tested it on the open road yet.

    Welcome your thoughts on the next stage of mods.

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    modding for a turbo car is the best bang for buck in my mind.

    It also depends on what you are after (ie, road or track)... For track, then brakes and tires would be the next best items, exhaust, then suspension etc.

    For road, brake pads are always a good upgrade, but again, if you are just doing traffic light grand prix, then chip, air intake, inter-cooler (for hot weather), then reducing any weight you can!

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