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Thread: 2018 Octavia VRS manual clutch slip at 15000kms (NOT DSG)

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    Default 2018 Octavia VRS manual clutch slip at 15000kms (NOT DSG)

    Hi Guys,

    I have an issue exactly the same as the link below, clutch slipping (in 6 spd manual not DSG) in 4th, 5th and 6th gear around 2000rpm. Slips about 500rpm until transmission catches up. Have taken into the dealer twice but they keep telling me they cannot fault it. (it is intermittent)

    The dealer is trying to tell me it isn't going to be a warranty issue (car is less than 12 months old) since a clutch is a wearing item. They are also trying scare tactics saying that they can pull the clutch out and check for damage but if it appears to be general wear and tear I will have to wear the costs of removal. (plus new clutch if I wish)

    Anyone else had a similar situation? I drive it hard on occasion but I'm generally pretty nice to the clutch.

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    yeah, that's a hard one. I can see both points of views. There are people out there who dump the clutch at every stop light (traffic light gp's!) which will of course ruin the clutch after some time.
    A bit like brakes... If you stomp on them all the time, they will wear out faster than if you don't.

    Might be worth getting an 'assessment' from an independent place. Where abouts are you located?

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