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    columbus music folder display

    I`ve tried changing the album names to include the artist, but the Skoda was too smart to fall for that!! Still no luck.
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    satnav update

    I forgot to add: you do not need the ignition on, or to go for a drive while it is updating. With the car sitting in the garage just touch the radio power button to turn the radio on, insert the usb, go to nav/update and it will look for the update and start to update. :)
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    Extra usb outlet

    2018 Superb. How to easily install an extra usb outlet into the location provided under the front centre armrest. Power from rear power outlet ebay $2.18 delivered
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    columbus music folder display

    In my 2018 Superb with columbus I have all my music cd`s on a usb stick. When I select `media/source/usb` it starts to play the last album I was playing and shows the wonderful album cover. To listen to a different album I touch the sreeen picture of the current playing album and it then...
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    satnav update

    2018 Superb with Columbus. Many people get misleading info on how to do this, so I thought I`d share. Download from the skoda portal. The zipped file covers ROW ( rest of world), and the latest was 29.6gb, so yes you will need an sd card or memory stick of 64gb to download it - just in case...
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    Has anyone had any luck finding a source for adding speed cameras to columbus maps??
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    am radio reception

    The am radio reception in my 2018 Superb is mediocre at best, and out of Sydney is useless. The car is stock standard, and the dealer says am is old fashioned and on its way out - so has shown nointerest in helping me. Any ideas?
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    Superb radio interference

    Hi all, in my 2017 Superb wagon 140TDI when the reversing camera is on the AM radio reception goes all static - every station , but FM is unaffected. My local Skoda dealer says it’s because the signal is weak, but it happens everywhere. Any ideas??