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Hi - I have a Octavio RS Wagon. From time to time with or without the navigator on the car beeps. Does anyone know why?* The vehicle is also diesel powered. The handbook states Do Not Use Bio-diesel. Use only EN950 rated fuel.
* it the radio looking for Traffic Station. I need to disarm.
As 5% Bio-diesel is now/or was to be legal in NSW as from this year and as EN950 allows 5% Bio, should I be concerned.

Perhaps Skoda Australia needs to update the information to users. The answer from VW Australia I find alarming. You use Bio-diesel and you may not know that you are and engine or engine parts are damaged r destoryed, then as far as VW Australia is your on your own. Just you, your insurance company & the fuel company. Good luck. Shame that VW Australia did not have the fore sight to bring to Australia vehicles that can safely use Bio-diesel as it legal to sell that product, at least in NSW.

Fortunately I only use the vehicle in a semi rural area with mainly 80+ speed limits and distances over 15 minutes.

No problems so far as I only use Shell diesel.


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Hi Ramac, not sure about the diesel (I have a petrol model), but the beep could be the Traffic Program (TP). The RNS510 may detect/lose the TP signal from a radio station and each time it does it may beep. As far as I know the Australian models can not use the TP (requires subscription or something - done at the dealer). To stop it, turn off the TP function in settings. Cheers.