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Editing Telephone Book


New member
G'day fellow Skoda drivers,

Does any member know how to edit/delete phone numbers stored in the Phone section of a Columbus Media unit. My vehicle is a Y11, Vrs diesel wagon.
Thank you for your advice. I do have the Columbus book and I have read it. What seems to be missing in my program is the tab "update phone book" it does not appear. That why I am asking if there are other ways or is my program faulty. If so how can it be corrected?
Hi mate, not sure on that one. Any dealers (that may know what they are doing :D) close buy?
Thank you. Yes there is a Skoda dealer in Newcastle, Audi Newcastle are the service agents. It is strange, because it use to auto save. maybe its the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus? It has been a problem child since day one.
Thanks for all the advice. What I did was to restore the factory settings. That removed the Telephone Book. I then had to re-connect the mobile phone to the Bluetooth and the New Telephone Book installed automatically. That was easier than it was when it was first installed. I do think that an "editing" feature in the Columbus system would be a great idea. I hope that this may help other Columbus users.
good find mate... yeah, sometimes it just takes a 'factory reset' or something similar to get a system back to normal!
Usually if you add a number to your mobile, it won't update the phone book until you turn the car off then back on again and it re-connects then updates. I suppose that factory reset would do similar.

Good to hear you got it sorted.