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Future Models - Skoda 2012 Roomster


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Quirky Roomster mini-MPV set to re-join Skoda’s Australian line-up in early-2012

SKODA Australia is set to give the oddball Roomster mini-MPV another crack on the local market from the first quarter of next year – around the same time as it adds automatic DSG, hot RS and spacious wagon variants to its Fabia light-sized car range.


Once it re-joins the line-up, Skoda Australia will be represented by members of each of the five different model ranges offered by the brand overseas.

The quirky people-mover, based on a unique front-wheel drive light-car platform that uses the front end of the previous Volkswagen Polo and the rear axle from the previous-generation Volkswagen Golf, formed part of the Czech company’s inaugural ustralian line-up in October 2007.

The brand went on to sell just 233 units over a three year period before swinging the axe and deleting it from its line-up in November of 2010.

While the previous iteration of the little people-mover was powered here by either a breathless 1.6-litre petrol or gutsy 1.9-litre turbo-diesel (the latter a manual-only proposition), the returning model will rely exclusively on the 1.2-litre TSI engine also used in the brand’s Fabia and Yeti models.

The little turbo engine, which can also be found in the Volkswagen Polo and Golf, produces 77kW and 175Nm and will be matched to both a five-speed manual and seven-speed DSG transmission. Somewhat surprisingly, no diesel variant will be offered.
Skoda Australia’s product marketing manager Petr Beneda told GoAuto the returning Roomster would be aggressively priced.


Considering the brand announced this week that it will be selling the 77TSI version of the Yeti compact SUV from $26,290, the Roomster looks certain to undercut its own previous entry-level petrol pricing of $26,990 – with the new starting price most likely to be somewhere close to $23,000.

Its cleverly-packaged ‘VarioFlex’ five-seat interior has three separate, sliding, reclining and individually removable rear seats that can also be configured to achieve a four-, three- or two-seat cabin arrangement.

Cargo space is also a big drawcard, 509 litres available with all rear seats in place, rising to a large 1810 litres with all of them removed.
Despite its resemblance to a light-commercial vehicle, the Roomster managed to attain a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating.

Next on the agenda for Skoda is the release of a Mazda3-sized small car based on the MissionL concept that debuted at this month’s Frankfurt motor show. Likely to be badged as the ‘Rapid’, the car is set to hit global markets – including Australia – next year.

Head of Skoda Australia Matthew Wiesner previously spoke to GoAuto about his desire to add the small car to the growing local product range.
“If you’re not in that (segment), you’re not going to drive the brand where you need to go from a volume point of view. That’s vital for us here,” he said.


Meanwhile, the larger next-generation Octavia – which looks to set to grow into a more genuine mid-sized model in line with the likes of Ford’s Mondeo – should surface in 2013.

[source: goauto.com.au]
Hi jnr

enjoy reading your threads. So like to contribute a bit here and there.

When the roomster first appeared here a few years ago we went looking at the few available in Sydney. Most seemed to be advertised as dealer demos here and interstate [not sure if they were officially in or what?'] and usually had a few miles on them, perhaps these were before they were commonly available, we were interested when we had seen the original prototypes years before...but what...skoda had dumbed down the looks to be more acceptable to the average joe...justs blends in too much .

this dissapointed me as a vintage skoda owner...skoda to me is always quirky in looks but I'm afraid what looked good as prototypes of the roomster and the yeti just ended up looking closer to 'run of the mill' looks. [though still appealing]

still we considered it seriously at the time, as it still had slight quirkiness to replace my wifes old Echo ...but we decided as we probably should make this a car I could use [ie tow with] due to the need to tow my vintage cars around we decided on a second hand late model Magna wagon which has now been replaced by a Holden Sportwagon.

Had we not needed to tow we may have ended up with the roomster...but at the time... these so called "demos" did have a few miles on them and seemed rather pricy..not sure what price they are now but I did like what I saw , had they looked more like what I remembered the protype looked like we may have jumped at one without thinking "what else could we get that would cover all bases?"

Skodas certainly have changed from our vintage stylings...but why must they stilll remove the wonderfull quirkiness of the protypes when they put these into production...for instance i remember looking at the Yetis prototype and thinking hey I want one of those...and i HATE the look of 4wds.

Still dumbed down quirkiness in looks or not...I liked what I saw.
Hey mate, I think they are normally dumbed down to appeal to the 'larger public'..

Yeah, I'm like you. I like it a bit different (quirky)... but maybe the sales figures mean that we are not the majority and that means the model won't generate interest to turn a profit...

Take the new FJ (is that the model) for instance.. I've seen a few around, but not sure if they are going to last and if they are making a profit...
Hey mate, I think they are normally dumbed down to appeal to the 'larger public'..


totally agree...because the public is generally boring...whoops I mean conservative.

guess I dont blame Skoda...but all that juicy prototype goodness down the drain.
have you seen how low price an earlier model [2008 say] second hand Roomster gets now...

had I not just bought a cheap VU holden ute to turn into a Sandman [yes I have the rare original modern sandman canopy so I cant go back now.] I might have bought one [seriously that close]...yet the ones I saw advertised were manuals...

was there a glut of manuals sold over autos?
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to be honest, I think most of the Skoda's aren't retaining their values... Should improve as the last generation of models hit the market (all depends on how they hold up/internally/externally and the demand I suppose).

Overall, second hand market is shot, so looks of good sales for those that want ;-)
Overall, second hand market is shot, so looks of good sales for those that want ;-)

yes very much so...it was cheap eniough to take a chance at $10,000 and not high k's... figured good buying..if I hadnt just bought a week before I may have tried to find an auto to see if I could be tempted as i hadnt expected prices that low.. it was the second at that price but both manuals...one really low k's too i think if i remember rightly [so neither had driven that far]. last I looked a year before $18000 was dificult to find..