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Retrofitting MIB2 to MY15 Octavia Columbus Infotainment System for Apple Carplay?


New member
Does anyone know of any sources that are able to retrofit an MIB2 unit to the Columbus Infotainment system for a MY15 Octavia?

I bought a MY15 Octavia Scout (Apr 2015) that does not come with Smartlink (which was only made available to Skoda cars made after May 2015) that supports Apple Carplay. I would like to understand if this is doable. I made an enquiry to my dealer and was advised that this is something that they, as a dealer, would not do. Anyone can shed more light into this?
Without looking into it to far I would say best case you can update the unit with software (not likely knowing how VAG work). Worst case you need to replace the whole unit. Have a chat to Martin at JKU upgrades. He will be able to tell you if it can be done for certain and if so what you need. I have read in some cases the cluster has to be upgraded by software or replacement depending on age. Also the cd/sd card drive in the glovebox as well as the main screen unit. Does your screen look like this?
yeah, none of the parts are cheap, that is for sure. And it's not like the good old days, where you took out your single or double din unit and swapped it. A lot of cars have a main 'screen', with various boxes around the car, all connected...