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Skoda Yeti 118TSI 2013 engine rattle at low revs only when hot.


New member
Hi all

My venerable(now at 247km) but trusty 2013 Skoda Yeti 118TSI has developed a rattle in the engine at Idle when it is hot and sometimes won't fire up immediately at the turn of the ignition key. It runs and sounds fine when it is cold but when it is hot it runs rough and sounds like a diesel at low revs.

I had the cam timing chain and tensioner replaced at 120k and it runs and sounds fine when it is cold
so I don't think it is timing chain related.

Other forums have suggested worn clogged Valve lifters but if anyone has any ideas about what it could be Id be happy to hear them. It's been a great car and would like to keep it running for as long as possible.

Might be worth putting a scope do the spark plug holes to see if you can see any carbon build up...doesn't sound like ghatcwould cause the noise, but always a good start with a engine with high kays..

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