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Thread: I'm a new owner of a Superb Hatch

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    Default I'm a new owner of a Superb Hatch

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Tim an this is my first post about my first Skoda, a MY21 Velvet Red Superb.

    I've just sold a VF Commodore SV6 - Black Edition, which has been my daily driver for the last 4 years, but I also own two garage queens, which only come out to play about once a month.

    They are a HSV, E3, Clubsport R8, with some performance enchancements, and a 1964 Holden EH Wagon, which I came home from hospital in when I was born and owned since I turned 17.

    Through my life I have always had a keen interest in cars and motorsports, being involved as a mechanic in a WRC/ARC rally team (Amongst others), and currently on the payroll at a large new car dealership for casual fill-in work when they are desperately short staffed in the pre delivery department.

    So you've probably worked out, I'm a Holden fan, and still would be if they existed, but only if they were producing local built cars, or at least somethng better than they tried to force feed us with at the end.

    Love the Skoda (called Scarlett), and I am amazed by the room and the tech in the car. I've owned Scarlett for a little under a month, and already she has a little over 5000kms on the clock as I drive 100kms each way to work daily (in my main job). I'm just learning more about how to drive the car better each time I get behind the wheel, and how to push her through a few twisties on my trip. It's been a while since I have owned an all wheel drive car. The last was a turbo Subby over 10 years ago.

    I'm looking forward to learning and eventually, hopefully helping others enjoy their car.

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    Hi Tim,

    From one owner of a velvet Red superb to another welcome.

    Had mine for 2.5 years now and very happy with the way its behaved.


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    Welcome Tim, what a lovely name for a colour (velvet!)...

    We took delivery of our Kodiaq RS in Dec, but I haven't had much time to drive it lately, I just purchased a old 2009 S3 as a project car, and have a supercharged V8 2008 Audi S5 in the garage waiting for a new clutch to arrive.

    I'm a holden man also, but probably not as much as you. First car was a Commodore, VC L (4 cylinder jobie) which lasted for a few years (and a quick paint job from one-day-autopaint in the day!).
    Then on to a VK Calais (white, brown interior, computer dash) that also lasted for a few years, before I went overseas for 12 months...

    No other holdens since then unfortunately, but I am still lucky with what I have in the garage :-)

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